Wednesday, April 20, 2011

to celebrate birthdays!

One of my very favorite things to do is throw a party so I was thrilled when my friend Ann's husband asked me to help him surprise his wife for her birthday. I love the little detail involved in throwing a party. I especially love to make party favors! Though many have tried to convince me otherwise I simple don't believe that favors are meant only for children. Who doesn't love a tiny something that says in its diminutive way, "Thank you for coming and celebrating with me. I appreciate you." So, this is what I cooked up for my sweet friend Ann.

Cutie-patootie chocolate boxes. They were super easy to make and who doesn't want a little bite of chocolate? Here is a link to direction to make your own chocolate boxes:

Also, this is the cake we had. If you are ever in Hampton be sure to make your way to the Galley Hatch and ask for the Rosebud Cake. You will not be sorry! I am still dreaming of it....

Have an a*musing day!

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